We at Natruva like to consider the word “service” synonymous with our brand. They may not have the same letters or pronunciation, but we believe that what we do is the very definition of it.

Our humble beginning as an organization of enthusiasts and advocates of alternative and natural plants allowed us to mold our operations perfectly fit the needs of our customers. We hold true to the phrase “The ultimate natural products source for, and made by its very users.”

While other businesses think of selling more in a business perspective, we place the utmost importance to the quality of our service as it forms part of everything that we do – from the product quality down to our top-notch after-sales services.


We consider the wellness of our customers as our ultimate mission. By providing the most effective, efficient, safe and natural alternative products and other derivatives such as Kratom, CBD among many others, we make sure that our customers get the best value of their hard-earned money.

Coupled with our people-first services, we believe that our clients get first-hand experience and a step-by-step guide to efficient and responsible use.


As an organization of advocates, the appropriate and up-to-date information we provide our users about the current trends and developments in the ever-evolving landscape of natural products is unmatched.

As they say, “Information is key,” and here at Natruva, we consider it vital to our operations.

Information serves as the backbone of everything we stand for. We make sure that by keeping up with the news on various researches, availability, and legality we embody a regulatory agency that is “pro-users” and adheres to the safe and responsible use of our products.


At Natruva, we place the nature on the pedestal as our only source of anything good on earth. Its countless gifts are the reason why we are here, and it is rightful that we take care of it. Part of our operation is to make sure that our products are pro-nature and harmless to the environment. We also make sure to give back by organizing fund-drives and other events that aim to support the nature. We also take pride in our sources that follow this advocacy and are 100% supportive of our cause.


We believe in the dynamics of a community, where people look out for each other and help each other. By being with us, you will form part of a community that is populated by members from all walks of life. Be one of us and bring forth others that need our services — be it information, guidance or as a source of quality products such as Kratom, CBD, CBD Oil and other botanicals that are nature’s gifts.